The Caves

Sierra de Urbasa Natural Park and Mount Lóquiz Natural Park are two mountain range systems of limestone and therefore they have a lot of caves, holes, sinkholes and karsts. The most important caves are:

  • Akuandi Cave: It is the most famous and majestic cave of the Urbasa Natural Park. It has a relatively easy access although you should be attached to a sail in the access to the lake chamber. We recommend you to wear good light so you can delight in the color of the lake and the multitude of stalactites and stalagmites
  • Cristinos Cave: It is very easy to access. It has two large chambers; the most majestic is the second one which has a nice lake and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. The visit to the cave can be preceded with a highly recommended walk through the Magic Wood.
  • Basaula Cave: This cave is the source of Itxako river which flows through a deep gorge and end at Urederra river. Inside the cave on the walls of the Feline Gallery there are paintings of post-Paleolithic art.
    We recommend combining a visit to the cave with a nice tracking for its gorge and the Natural Park “Mount Lóquiz”.
  • Noriturri Cave: It is perhaps the least known and visited. After crawling through a corridor of several meters you reach the central square that has a lot of small stalactites and strange formations in very spectacular rock.


Visit the many caves to be found in the area.

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