Prehistoric Art

The Sierra de Urbasa Natural Park and Monte de Lókiz Natural Park is the cradle of the lower Paleolithic of Navarra. The remains found in these areas show that the first settlers arrived about 80,000 to 70,000 years BC.
There are lots of well-preserved dolmens and cromlechs that you will discover while doing any of the recommended outings in the region.

In the cave of Basaula there are paintings of post-Paleolithic. These paintings have connections with abstract schematic parietal art called Group of spindles. The graphs extend along the left wall of the Feline Gallery for 35m approx.

In the place of Amescoazarra lay the ruins of a village from the Iron Age. This village was occupied until the beginning of the third century AD. Under the dense forest of oaks, junipers and boxwoods the ruins a castle and a church can be discovered.

Visit the many caves to be found in the area.

The best place for paragliding

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Do not miss the source of the Urederra


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