Mountain biking trails

The Sierra de Urbasa Natural Park, Monte de Lóquiz Natural Park and the valley of Las Amescoas offer a wide range of marked trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Follow routes through the lush beech forests of Urbasa, the ravines and gorges Lóquiz, or the villages of Amescoas.

Hike through the Uyarra river canyon or visit shepherd’s huts. These are some experiences that you will be able to enjoy.

The landscape is idyllic in any season of the year: yellows and reds in autumn, lush forests and green fields in spring and summer, and a blanket of white snow in winter.

In the house you can find plans and sketches describing the routes.

Visit the many caves to be found in the area.

The best place for paragliding

The best cheeses

Do not miss the source of the Urederra


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