Climbing / Boulder

This area is a paradise for the practice of Boulder. There are countless giant blocks of limestone of very good quality. There are blocks with all kind of grade. However, this area is known for the great concentration of blocks with a grade higher than 7. In recent years it has become a place of obliged visit for the lovers of bouldering.

In the area there are also several sectors for climbing with routes one or more flights. Gore sector plates Poli-sector and Peña Roya sector are the favorite training place form many of the best climbers.

In Casa Rural Aranaratxe we advise you and provide sketches of the blocks and routes.
At 1 km distance from the house there is an indoor climbing wall where you can practice on rainy days.

Visit the many caves to be found in the area.

The best place for paragliding

The best cheeses

Do not miss the source of the Urederra


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