In the valley of “Las Amescoas” there are numerous dairies that produce the Idiazabal cheese with the raw milk of “Latxa” sheep. They create the cheese in the traditional manner and with high quality. Most of dairies have been awarded with national and international recognition.

Some of them offer guided tours where you can learn how the cheese is made, plus get a chance to feed and milk the sheep.




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Quesería Amescoa Alta:

Francisco Ruiz de la Ramendi
Locality: Eulate
Phone: 948 543901

Quesería Ricardo Remiro:

Locality: Eulate
Phone: 627 371 809 /647 832251
Web Quesería Ricardo Remiro

Quesería Hermanos Aguirre:

Locality: Aranaratxe
Phone: 948 543901

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Quesería Surgaina:

Locality: Zudaire
Phone: 948 539364 / 660785130

Quesería Urederra:

Locality: Eulate
Phone: 948 543947

Quesería Arnotegui:

Locality: Eulate
Phone: 948 543889
Web Quesería Arnotegi

Visit the many caves to be found in the area.

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The best cheeses

Do not miss the source of the Urederra


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